Thursday, September 3, 2009

Facts Behind the Current Defamation Case

What follows is a direct statement of facts concerning the defamation matter involving Greg Smith of Myrmidon Enterprises (plaintiff) and Tony Brisciani of zgeek (defendant). This has been published to provide interested media the facts of the matter. I have tried as much as possible to avoid using loaded terminology and to simply state the facts.

In June 2009 Greg Smith added a post (#137 of thread entitled “Aussie publishes 9/11 book – The Third Truth”, located in the section “ZGeek News > News, Reviews & Articles > News stuff > Front page news”) to a forum thread on the zgeek website, under the username “Jackal”. In the post Greg Smith stated his opinion of an exert from the book, “The Third Truth”. Greg Smith stated that he enjoyed the exert, found the arguments well-presented and interesting and recommend it to those who were interested in the subjects discussed.

Post #137

The publisher released a small pdf relating to the Bali bombing as a teaser. Last night I just read through the download written by Dimitri Khalezov.

The arguments are coherent and well presented. (Although I dislike reading off a computer screen.) The pictures are relevant and serve to provide excellent illustration of the points.

I'd recommend looking through it. The first half of the 56p document explains all about nukes, explosions, and 'mini-nukes'. The terminology is not dumbed down, but is simple enough that me (a non-scientist) could follow it on a first read-through.

The second half of the download goes through the events, blast damages, and injuries sustained by the Bali bombing, and then goes on to outline why these things demonstrate the nuclear nature of the blast as opposed to the reported details of the explosion.

I hadn't thought about the attack as being nuclear previously, but the arguments and evidence presented are very convincing. If the topic is of interest to you, I would recommend it.

The link to the author's site can be found by searching for "3truth911".

Whatever commercial links there are can be followed from there.

Soon after, the following material was published by Tony Brisciani

- Greg Smith was identified by name; the same post stated as fact that Greg Smith’s films did not exist

- referring to Greg Smith, “If we wanted him dead, it wouldn’t take more than 24 hours.”

- that Greg Smith’s business, Myrmidon Enterprises, did not exist, and that his film ‘MERCHANT OF DEATH’ did not exist

- that Greg Smith was a “nutcase scam artist” who has made “false job postings”

- that Greg Smith was caught soliciting sex from a transsexual in Hobart, Tasmania.

- that Greg Smith is a liar and a fraud and has placed fraudulent job offers on a film industry website

- that Greg Smith loves “to rape hamsters for fun and profit”, that he enjoys “being stuffed in a port-a-john, set on fire and kicked down a hill while wearing little boys underpants”, that he has a “casual use of paint-huffing”, is a “microphallic support charter member” and that he is into “sado-necro-beastiality with an equine inclination”.

Every single one of these publications is demonstrably false, and easily able to be established as false.

Every single one of these publications is harmful, untrue, and intended to discredit and malign the subject, Greg Smith.

One of the comments published by Tony Brisciani comprised of a zgeek member asks other zgeek members to

“add all of his [Greg Smith] contact details we can find to every spam list generator we can find”.

Contrary to any claims of a lack of knowledge or innocent behaviour, Tony Brisciani (aka “Pirate”) wrote on the zgeek site asking zgeek users to log in to other sites and

“bag out zgeek so I can sue him back”.

Tony Brisciani has also published threatening material such a post by a zgeek member states he will “pay Greg Smith a visit”. Sasha Shaw, an associate of Tony Brisciani who works at Sydney University, was subsequently interviewed by the NSW police for his involvement in a death threat telephone call to Greg Smith.

On 20 June 2009, Greg Smith wrote to Tony Brisciani asking for the posts to be removed. Tony Brisciani’s response is quoted in full below…

Dear Madam,

After reviewing your threatening email, myself and my team would like to
thank you for your feedback but would like to point out you're bat shit
crazy and full of shit.

Please consult a real lawyer before sending out threatening emails or you
may well be on the receiving end of a lawsuit yourself.

Also, I can't remember when Australian law because enforceable in the USA.
If you could refresh my memory that would be very helpful.

The ZGeek Management.

Greg Smith asked for
- a retraction from zgeek
- an apology from zgeek
- that the offending thread be deleted
- that an offending user be banned

Tony Brisciani’s public response on the zgeek website was to write

“Go fuck yourself. In the face.”

When informed of the forthcoming legal proceedings, Tony Brisciani wrote to Greg Smith. Tony Brisciani’s response is quoted here in full…

I hope you have deep pockets. It's going to take a lot to sue the owner as they live in the US, not Australia. And they have different laws from us. I hope that gets through your thick head.

You haven't even contacted them properly! I'm not forwarding your shit to them. And I am not going to give you their details unless a court orders me too.

So eat shit sucka! Learn to internet, you come to a forum spamming your book and you get flamed. Your such a fucking poofter you have to sue people because you can't back your shit up.

Pathetic. Go die in a fire.

Subsequently Tony Brisciani published material stating that
- Greg Smith was a con artist
- that the previously published statements are factual
- that the legal proceedings are a part of a con
- that the film ‘MERCHANT OF DEATH’ was a “shitty, poorly researched and sensationalistic moneymaking scam”
- that the film magazine ScreenHub was taking a bribe or kick-back from Greg Smith
- that Greg Smith is a charlatan

Tony Brisciani is one of the owners and operators of zgeek website business. The business is unregistered as of August 2009.

Tony Brisciani is an administrator & moderator of the zgeek website business and operates under the username of “Pirate”.

Tony Brisciani is the publisher of all material on the zgeek website.

Tony Brisciani has never offered apology to Greg Smith in any form.

Tony Brisciani has never offered restitution to Greg Smith in any form.

Tony Brisciani was warned previously by members of zgeek, and hence was aware, of the legal implications of his publications on the zgeek site.

Tony Brisciani has made repeated claims to the media that he is innocent of intentionally publishing any offensive material on his site in relation to this matter. The facts of the matter would indicate he is lying, repeatedly, about this.